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 Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun

Shrinkfast 998 Heat Gun

 Ripack 3000 Heat Gun

Ripack 3000 Heat Gun


Click here to view a Special Warning When Using Propane Heat Guns!

SHRINKFAST-998 Heat Gun Kit

 SHRINKFAST-998 Heat Gun

Shrinkfast 998 KitShrinkfast 998 Kit - Inside

Engineered for The Perfect Shrink Wrap Experience Every Time


Part #: SHR-998
Price: Call for price


  • Wide, Even Heat Pattern - up to 18" in a Single Pass
  • Single Button Adjustable Combuster Orientation
  • Adjustable Power: 136,000-212,000 BTU/h
  • Ergonomic Design for Extended Use
  • Operates on Propane Vapor
  • Quick Disconnect Combuster for Extensions
    (Extensions sold separately)

Shrinkfast-998 Kit Contents:

  • Model 998 UL Approved Heat Gun
  • 25' UL Approved Hose Assembly
  • UL Approved Regulator Assembly
  • UL Guard Assembly


  • Wrench
  • Owners Manual
  • Metal Carrying Case

Optional Accessories

Extensions: Call for pricing

Extensions available in 72", 48" and 24" lengths.

Shrinkfast 998 Extensions

Note: Combustor and Handle are not included with the purchase of an extension.

Quick Disconnect: $50.47

Disconnects the Heat Gun from the Hose.

Part #: SWI-789-QD

Shrinkfast 998 Quick Disconnect


Arm Rest: Call for pricing

Shrinkfast 998 Arm Assist ClipThe Arm Assist Clip provides the strength and support needed for those tall shrink wrap projects where the 4' or 6' extension is required.


Shrinkfast 998 with Arm Assist and Extension

Arm Assist Features:

  • One-handed shrink wrapping
  • Reduce stress on your forearm
  • Lightweight aluminum design
  • Rugged powder coat finish
  • Fits any model 998 heat tool
  • Works with 4' & 6' extensions


Ripack 3000 Heat Gun Kit

 Ripack 3000 Heat Gun

Ripack Cool Touch NozzleRipack 3000 Stay Cool Nozzle

Optimal Reliability, Versatility
and Adaptability.


Part #: RIP-3000
Price: $749.00


  • 153,000 to 259,000 BTU
  • Numerous Safety Features
  • Safety Guard Prevents Accidental Discharge
  • Designed to Automatically Shut Off If Dropped
  • Stay Cool Nozzle & Swivel Hose Connector
  • Double Safety Adjustable Regulator


Natural Gas Models are available. Call for information and pricing.

Ripack-3000 Kit Contents:

  • Ripack Model 3000 Heat Gun
  • 25' Hose
  • Safety Regulator
  • Wrench
  • Owners Manual
  • Carrying Case


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Optional Accessories

Extensions: Call for pricing

Part #Extension ModelExtension WandLength (Feet)
333360Ripack EXT S1-10 Ripack Extension S1-101' 10"
333366Ripack EXT S3-9 Ripack Extension S3-93' 9"
333364Ripack EXT A3-6 Ripack Extension A3-63' 6"
333368Ripack COMBO 4-9 Ripack Extension COMBO 4-94' 9"
333370Ripack COMBO 6-8 Ripack Extension COMBO 6-86' 8"

Note: The Ripack-3000 Extensions DO NOT come with a Combustor (Nozzle). You may use your existing nozzle to attach to the extension. The illustrations below are for example only.

 Ripack Extensions

Ripack 2200 Sketch

No tools are necessary for changing extensions.

Simply remove the nozzle from the handle, attach the extension to the handle and place the nozzle onto the extension.

 Ripack 3000 Piezo Storage

Spare Igniter
Stores in the handle for quick replacement in 30 seconds or less.

Ripack 3000 Box as Stool

Sturdy Ripack Case
Can be used as a stool.

Ripack Safety RegulatorRipack Swivel Connector

Safety Regulator & Swivel Connector

The Safety Regulator and Swivel Connector come as standard equipment on all Ripack heat guns. The safety regulator will shut off the flow of gas in the event of a failed or broken hose.



Never use propane fuel from a hi-lo or forklift to operate any heat gun listed in this catalog.

Hi-Lo's and fork-lifts draw liquid fuel from the bottom of their tank which then vaporizes at the carburetor. Heat guns operate from vapor drawn from the top of a fuel tank.

Use tanks such as those used with a barbecue grill, i.e. a 20-, 30- or 40-lb. tank.