Armorshield ShrinkFilm


The strength of our ARMORSHIELD product is not only measured in tensile strength. Our Shrink Film is made of a special blend of chemicals that give our film elasticity unequaled in the market today. Armorshield has the ability to resist Punctures and in transit tearing. ARMORSHIELD will not become brittle in cold weather making sure once your product is sealed it is ARMORSEALED.

FPM Incorporated can supply all of the materials and equipment for your shrink wrapping requirements. We can also provide on-site evaluation of your product needs and train your personnel in the most cost-effective application.










Part #




Available Colors










12 Foot Shrink Wrap12' x 175' 6MIL  12-175-6  Blue, Clear, White  67  lbs.Call for price
 12' x 175' 7MIL12-175-7Clear79 lbs.Call for price
 12' x 200' 7MIL12-200-7White90  lbs.Call for price
14 Foot Shrink Wrap14' x 150' 6MIL14-150-6Blue, Clear, White97  lbs.Call for price
 14' x 172' 7MIL14-172-7Clear87  lbs.Call for price
 14' x 200' 7MIL14-200-7White101 lbs.Call for price
16 Foot Shrink Wrap16' x 200' 7MIL16-200-7White117 lbs.Call for price
17 Foot Shrink Wrap17' x 120' 6MIL17-120-6Blue, Clear, White65  lbs.Call for price
 17' x 230' 6MIL17-230-6Blue, White122 lbs.Call for price
18 Foot Shrink Wrap18' x 200' 7MIL18-200-7White130 lbs.Call for price
20 Foot Shrink Wrap20' x 100' 6MIL20-100-6Blue, Clear, White65  lbs.Call for price
 20' x 120' 6MIL20-120-6Blue, White77  lbs.Call for price
 20' x 130' 7MIL20-130-7Blue, White95  lbs.Call for price
 20' x 150' 8MIL20-150-8White128 lbs.Call for price
 20' x 200' 7MIL20-200-7White144 lbs.Call for price
22 Foot Shrink Wrap22' x 200' 7MIL22-200-7White158 lbs.Call for price
24 Foot Shrink Wrap24' x 85'   6MIL24-85-6Blue, Clear, White66  lbs.Call for price
 24' x 120' 6MIL24-120-6Blue, White91  lbs.Call for price
26 Foot Shrink Wrap26' x 110' 7MIL26-110-7Blue, Clear, White105 lbs.Call for price
28 Foot Shrink Wrap28' x 100' 7MIL28-100-7White, Blue103 lbs.Call for price
 28' x 110' 7MIL28-110-7White105 lbs.Call for price
32 Foot Shrink Wrap        32' x 100' 7MIL32-100-7Blue, White  116 lbs.Call for price
 32' x 100' 9MIL32-100-9White151 lbs.Call for price
 32' x 100' 12MIL32-100-12White200 lbs.Call for price
36 Foot Shrink Wrap  36' x 100' 7MIL36-100-7Blue, White130 lbs.Call for price
40 Foot Shrink Wrap40' x 100' 7MIL40-100-7Blue, White145 lbs.Call for price




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